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Far in the north of Argwylon, the Moonspring Glades in the Alarin Hills, where snow and ice are in perpetual balance with the awakening of spring, a small Wood Elf outpost lives ruled by the wayward spellweaver Ineluki Stormbringer and his faithful unicorn Menlui. In the magical valleys the Sethai call their home a myriad of spites and fairies dwell and infuse every elf with a sense of marvel and wonder. Some spellsingers even lose themselves in the alluring charms, transforming more and more into spirits and beasts of Athel Loren.

This is my Warhammer Wood Elves army. I started playing Warhammer back in Munich a long time ago. As many others I replaces Warhammer with other games and slowly stopped playing. When my childhood friend Norbert, the one that got me into wargaming, moved to the US, I decided to sell my army (luckily a few months before the Age of Sigmar dawned on us.) I took some pictures of the army before sending the army off to Australia.

The whole army was meant to have a very dis-organised dynamic look with spring colours.

Glade Lord and Spellweaver


Glade Lord

The core of the army are numerous units of archers. Every unit has a different colour for their arrow feathers and fairies. And yes, every bow has a bowstring.

Glade Guard 01

Glade Guard 02

Deepwood Scouts 01

Deepwood Scouts 03

Deepwood Scouts 02


There are no ‘normal’ animals in my army.

Glade Riders

My Glade┬áRiders are centaur-esk creatures with Wood Elf torsos on the bodies of Orion’s┬áHounds.

Wild Riders

The Wild Riders sit on some weird forest spirits (Malifaux metal Waldgeists) instead of normal horses. And they have fairy wings.

Great Eagles

Some of the elves in my army lost themselves in the magic of the forest and half turned into forest spirits themselves. The Spellsingers with wigs are Great Eagles and the Glade Lord with the magnificent wings in the centre is a Lord on Great Eagle.

I used none of the original wooden forest spirits. Each forest spirit is replaced with something more fairy-like.


This is a unit of Dryads.


Treekin are all individually posed Orion models. This turned out to be a much more expensive unit that I thought it would be..


This is my Treeman – Shaggoth with a different weapon and fairies in his hair.