This is my Doctor Who – Leveticus crew. It is a themed crew with a lot of proxies. Let me explain my thoughts behind the choice of proxies:


Leveticus is a master that dies every turn and then comes back. The Doctor is a timelord that dies every few series and comes back. I have a Doctor for each turn of the game. I start with the War Doctor, move on to Eccelston, Tennant, Smith and end up with Capaldi in turn five. (Hurt and Capaldi aren’t painted yet.)

Ashes and Dust

The TARDIS is Ashes and Dust, a model with the ‘disguised’ ability (just a phone box, right?).

Ashen Core and Dust Storm

When it dies it splits up into an Ashen Core, the Central Console, and a Dust Storm. And becuse I get asked this a lot: For the Dust Storm I bought a second resin TARDIS, smashed it with a hammer and reassembled, pinned and painted the pieces.

Hollow Waifs

Hollow Waifs are totems that follow Leveticus around, they are his life-link. In my crew companions do the job.

Vanessa Rusty Alyce Mobile Toolkit

Vanessa is an archaeologist. So is River. Rusty Alyce is Leveticus’ protege and very similar to him in many respects. So is Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter. And K-9 is a Mobile Toolkit.

Crooligan Lazarus Watcher

A crooligan – are you my mommy?, Cyber-Lazarus and a Weeping Watcher.

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