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This is Hamelin, the Pied Piper. A crew I had for years, that’s why it’s mostly old metals in there. In my version of the crew all rats are replaced with toys, rat kings are toy kings and rat catchers are toy catchers. It’s the orphanage where the lost and stolen children of Malifaux find a ‘home’.

And because I have a theme song for most of my crews, this is Hamelin’s:

Hamelin and Wretch

Hamelin’s Obedient Wretch is Candy, the Petulant Youth that came with Avatar Pandora with a few added toys.

The Stolen

Stolen and Iggy

Kade and Candy


Johan and Taelor

It’s an orphanage. It doesn’t have much money. The best birthday entertainment Hamelin can afford is a drunk and pathetic excuse of a clown (think Billy Bob Thornton’s Bad Santa, and if you haven’t watched the film, do so!).

Taelor before she grew up. Already rockin’ the Relic Hammer.

Toy Catchers

Malifaux Toys a

My ‘rats’ are a collection of random toys. Like a doll that doesn’t care about paper, a rocking horse, …

Malifaux Toys c

… a teddy bear emerging from the, erm, whatever lurks beneath the floors, a porcelain doll with an axe, …

Malifaux Toys b

… a slinky hoarcat, Laz’ head at target practise, …

Malifaux Toys d

… a doll with a Viktoria’s swords, a monkey with a fez and a stash of guns, …

Toy King a

… a doll playing polo on a rocking horse, …

Toy King b

… and a porcelain doll and a teddy smashing one of Ramos’ spiders.


Now that all rats have been replaced, the original Nix, an undead dog, didn’t really fit the theme. So, having a look at Nix’s card: he is an incorporeal animal and he is a bit of a dick. Well, pretty much sums up Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat. (Tale of War does a 54mm Alice model that comes with this nice model.)

Ama No Zako

And my latest addition, the Hogfather with Rudolph, the red-nosed piglet:

Hodgepodge Emissary

The hodgepodge emissary has two recurring themes in its gameplay. Travel and trinkets. That sounds like Santa. But in Malifaux that can’t be a fat old human. It has to be a Grinch-like gremlin.

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