My second Guildball team, I wanted to paint something pride.

And I couldn’t have a game system without a band. So why not combine the two?

Thus, rainbow rats were born.

Rainbow Logo

Rainbow Piper

Piper already comes with an instrument. So that was easy.

Rainbow Squeak

Ans lead singer Squeak. Most likely a joy to listen to.

Rainbow Scourge

Scourge got an important role – lead guitar. Scraping out the hard plastic wasn’t fun, but his pose is ideal.

Rainbow Miasma

Miasma has three hands (as I discovered when cleaning her up), naturally that’s perfect to play the keyboard.

Rainbow Skulk

Metal Skulk (only three had to die in the process of making this one until I got the arm right) got the base guitar. Another model very dynamic and natural looking with a guitar.

Rainbow Pelage

Pelage is the Amy Winehouse style background singer. If I ever get to it she’ll get a microphone on a stand.

Rainbow Bonesaw

Big base, much room, perfect for a drum kit (it’s a Reaper miniatures kit without the original drummer). No bonesaws in his hands anymore, just a pair of drumsticks.

Rainbow Graves

At this point I ran out of instruments. So Graves got the lamest of instruments (especially for a rock band) – the triangle. Oh well, it suits him..

The Rat’s goal is a TV which lights up and makes static noise when you press the button, a good way to celebrate an opponent’s goal.

Rainbow Ball