Early 2016 I got into Guild Ball. My first team are Alchemists, mostly because I was told their play style might suit me. And they look cool. I decided to go with mostly grey(ish) clothing and neon bright features and matching base colours.

The blazing orange ones – Season 2 Captain Smoke , Season 4 Captain Soma and Season 1 Captain Midas:

When Soma turns in to Pneuma, he’s set ‘on fire’ with an LED in the base:

The toxic green ones – Attacking Midfielder Venin and Striker Vitriol:

The ranged fiery ones – Newbie Attacking Midfielder Kami and Central Midfielder Mercury:

Poisonous Calculus in her Winger Veteran and Central Midfielder Standard form:

Attacking Midfielder Crucible with her poisonous flames and Goalkeeper Compound (who got a bit of a makeover – different arms and no apron):

Central Midfielder Katalyst before he was ‘upgraded’ by Venin and Attacking Midfielder Veteran Katalyst after the drugs got the better of him:

Both Mascots, Snake Naja and tiny robot Flask:

The players in Guild Ball are pretty much to be played as they are with only minor alterations possible. But every player provides their own 50 mm goal – and here everything goes. My goal is a piece of graffiti’d wall. My first proper attempt at freehand and a wee bit of greenstuff (the balloon).

And a scoreboard in the same style to keep track of the game.

Alchemists Scoreboard Front

Alchemists Scoreboard Back