This is a project which has been in planning since 2016 or so. It took a new edition combined with a pandemic to get beyond the planning stages.

I’ve played every Final Fantasy game from VII to XV, but VII and IX were my favourites.

If you don’t know the game, this is what the characters look like:

M2E Viktoria (Cloud) got a sword upgrade:

M2E Viktoria (Zack) mirrors her master counterpart. Just with black hair, but same abilities and weapons:

M2E Vanessa (Aerith) has her magic staff with some green mako energy and a flower basket:

M1.5 Metal Taelor (Tifa) and her hammer might not be quite true to the game, but her top and what’s underneath definitely are:

M2E special edition Bishop (Barret) must have run out of ammo, since he mainly punches people now. He got a new head – the long hair had to go:

M3E Big Jake (Red XIII) has had a slight change of species to say the least, but it kinda works with the right paint job:

M2E Ronin (Yuffie) got a new weapon and a headband:

M1.5 metal Ronin (Cid) got a spear instead of the samurai sword:

M3E Midnight Stalker (Vincent Valentine) needed a more vampire-y head:

M3E Hodgepodge Effigy (Cait Sith) got a crown and a cape upgrade:

M3E Hodgepodge Emissary conversion (Cait Sith on giant toy moogle) is the effigy after it stole Marlena Webster’s ride: