Obliteration name tag

This is Tara, the Herald of Obliteration. The one that looked into the Void and meddles with time. Her song is:

Tara and Child

In this crew anything void is glowing green.


Bishop and Johan

Laz and Nessa

Another one of my Lazarus conversions. This time the Nothing Beast has taken over his armour and guns.

Rusty and Aboms

Ronins and Hodgepodge

Hans and Librarian


My Killjoy conversion. Johan with Killjoy’s weapons riding a Death Marshal’s coffin.

Punk Zombie and Karina

Void Creatures

Creatures from the Void. The Nightmare Nothing Beast has an LED in its head, making his eyes glow green. Good thing it is hollow, so cables and a battery fit comfortably.

Death Marshals

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