A Sisters Crew name tag

The inspiration for this crew is , hopefully quite obvious, Sin City. The ladies are painted in shades of grey with one colourful feature each.


Taelor and Johana

Librarian and Vanessa

I don’t think Vanessa’s model fits the theme of the plastic Viks, so my Vanessa is a converted Student of Conflict with Vanessa’s weapon. And I think the Freikorps fit the Sisters crew even less, so my Librarian is the Vanessa model I had spare with a book.


ConVic Gunslinger and Child

This is a ConVik Gunslinger, one of the old metal Viks with two guns replacing the swords and a Malifaux Child. The rest of the crew is all girls, so Candy got two daggers and joined the Viks, so she can be ‘just like them’.

Hodgepodge and Wretch

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