Guild Ball models are much fun to paint, so I painted other teams beside my own as well. Here are an Engineers team and a Masons team I painted for a friend:

Engineers All

The human part of the team – Ratchet, Ballista and Salvo with their mascot Mainspring:

Engineers Humans

They are supported by less human players – Velocity, Pin Vice, Colossus and Hoist:

Engineers Machanica

Mother and Locus:

And some Union players (when that still was a thing some time ago), Decimate, Rage and Gutter, to help the Engineers out:

Engineers Union

Compound is the goalie that protects the Engineers goal, a circle of electricity:

Engineers Goal

The Masons’ colour scheme is gold and purple with a dash of red:

Masons All

Team captain Honour, flanked by Mallet and good lad Flint:

Masons Mallet Honour Flint

Mascot Marbles, Brick and crazy Chisel:

Masosn Marbles Brick Chisel

Union striker Mist and the Masons’ goal:

Masons Mist Goal

Here’s a Union team, all in red and brown – Blackheart, Coin and Rage:

Union Blackheart Coin Rage

Decimate, Fangtooth and Mist:

Union Decimate Fangtooth Mist

Gutter, Minx and Hemlock:

Union Gutter Minx Hemlock

Snakeskin, Captain Rage and Harry, the Hat:

Union Snakeskin Rage Harry

The versatile Avarisse and Greede:

Union Avarisse and Greede

And another Union team, this time in purple and white – Blackheart, Fangtooth and Coin:

Union Blackheart Fangtooth Coin

Gutter, Mist and Decimate:

Union Gutter Mist Decimate

Harry, Rage and Snakeskin:

Avarisse, Greede and Strongbox:

A greedy chest as the goal:

And here is a slightly unusual Butchers team – in orange and grey instead of the usual red and black. Captains Fillet and Ox (R.I.P.):


The young ones, Brisket and Boiler


The crazy ones, Shank and Rage:


The big guys, Boar and Tenderiser:


And the wee one, Princess with her favourite toy, the ball: