So, for anyone interested in statistics, here is my year in numbers. Admittedly, it has been quite extreme, but it was fun!

Some of the numbers reflect the Malifaux community in the UK, others my competence and style of play. Here we go:

In 2015 I played 123 games in 34 Gaining Grounds tournaments, starting with the League of the Extraordinary Henchmen, ending with Frozen Fury. That is quite a lot, so I reckon the numbers reflect the Malifaux landscape across the country quite well. And by across the country, I mean this:


Now, that we looked at where I played, let’s see who I played with and whom I faced. I played Outcasts all year long, and here is a breakdown of the factions and Masters I encountered:

Statistics 2015 Masters and Factions

Quite obviously this country loves McCabe and Levi. And for all the hipsters out there, the only Masters I never faced in any faction are Lady J, Lucius, Collodi and von Schill.

And how well did I do you wonder? (If you don’t wonder, stop reading). I tend to win more than I lose overall, and here is how I did with each Master. I had 24 games with the Viks, 16 games with Tara, 40 games with Hamelin, 39 games with Jack Daw, and 4 games with Misaki.

Statistics 2015 Masters and Results

Dark = win, medium = draw, light = loss.

And here’s W/D/L statistics by strategy. Reconnoiter includes Interference games and Turf War includes Extraction games.

Statistics 2015 Strategies

I guess, I should work on the not-killing, spreading out games…

Another way to display 2015 is the trend throughout the year. Each data point is a tournament and how I did on average. It’s 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and nothing for a loss, all added up and divided by number of rounds. So a ‘2’ means two wins and a loss in a three round tournament. A ‘3’ means I won all my games. You get the concept.

Statistics 2015 Trend

The black-red alterations show the months January through to November. As you can see, practise does help, there is a nice slight upwards trend throughout the year.

And finally, people I face most often. I faced 79 different opponents in my 123 games, so obviously I met certain people a few times. I played against Connor B. and James R. five times each, closely behind are Greg P., Paul B. and Pablo AKA Pete S. with four matches each. Let’s see how often I’ll play them in 2016, I’m looking forward to each of these match-ups (and I hope they feel the same).

See you at the Masters, Maria


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